Totem Updates

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BIG THANKS to everyone for your SUPPORT and DONATION so far to our fundraiser. Today we have already collected nearly 10 % and the rest is GBP 3,265.

The bear Manya is one of the residents of the Animal Rehabilitation Centre Totem located in Tomsk, Russia. A few weeks ago, the founder of the center, Maria, suddenly died after suffering a severe stroke at the young age of 37, please read the full story by following the link in our bio.
Without Maria the center is in a grave danger, so are the lives of its 230 residents, who found a loving home with Maria and a few devoted volunteers. Animals, including birds, reptiles, ferrets, foxes, monkeys and even a brown bear, a puma and a leopard URGENTELY NEED OUR SUPPORT. The center receives NO SUPPORT from the government and only exists thanks to some donations, which are barely enough to feed the animals. Until the center raises enough funds, large animals are forced to live in tiny cages where they can barely turn. The group of devoted volunteers is ready to continue Maria’s work and breathe new life into the center, but THEY NEED OUR HELP!


TOGETHER we have the opportunity to fundamentally improve the conditions the largest animals are kept in by building new spacious 15×20 meter enclosures with necessary enrichments. In order to have the best life captivity can offer.
The cost of the improvement project is 300,000 rubles (GBP 3,600). We need YOUR HELP in order to make it happen!
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Every donation, even the smallest one, will help save and improve their lives! Let’s prove that Maria’s efforts and devotion were not in vain! Thank you:)

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