Don’t forget about me!

After a whole weekend of spending time and energy with family and friends, why not take advantage of Giving Tuesday to remember the animals of Big Hearts Foundation?


Every single cent you donate will go to building a new enclosure for the animals in Utyos, for helping desperate strays in many villages and towns around Russia, finding a new, stable situation for the animals in Totem and many more projects we are supporting.


All these animals are no different than ours – except that they don’t have a warm sofa to return to in the evenings, nor a tasty meal at the end of the day. They don’t have anyone to rub their ears or to cure them when they’re sick.

What they do have, is us: the Big Hearts Foundation and you!

Donate today to show that you haven’t forgotten them, that you care as if they were your cherished pets. Donate today to help them survive the harsh Russian winter with a full belly. Donate today to reach out and, through our volunteers, give them hug or a caress or a scratch behind the ears. Donate today to stop the little bear cub below from making fun of you for not donating!

Donate today!

DSC_0888 copy



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