Celebrity pets

Recently this month, Floyd Mayweather received a gift from Moscow: a tiger cub.

Said to have been bred somewhere in India, we think that most probably it was bought from a dysfunctional zoo or circus: this is not unlike Crystal’s case.


This is not news, unfortunately.

Celebrities are often seen prancing around with endangered, dangerous wild animals – Mike Tyson had a tiger and Rihanna posted photos of herself with a slow loris.


In our opinion, famous people have more responsibility on their shoulders – it’s not a coincidence that smoking was banned in Hollywood movies. To see a role model with an exotic pet only makes young people desire the pet more and grow up with a distorted point of view: that tigers and lions and bears aren’t to be feared or protected or cared for in the wild but cuddled and petted and used as photo-props.

There is a positive side to this story, however.

It’s you.

The large majority of people reacted in a way that Floyd probably hadn’t really anticipated: accusing him of helping the illegal pet trade, of animal abuse and of being selfish, the educated public virtually shouted out their disapproval and grabbed the attention of many animal organisations, including ourselves.

Without humane education, this would have never happened. And we are so proud of you!

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