Ten Happy Bears

Remember the 100+ happy cats we told you about?

Well, today we’re here to tell you about the ten happy bears in Utyos that, because of your donations and support, will be sleeping warm and snug all winter and not even notice the holidays that are nearly upon us! When they wake up, the first snowdrops will be pushing their heads out of the last melting snow and the buds on the trees will be ready to burst!

And what will these young bears at Utyos do, once they emerge from their handmade hibernation dens? They’ll eat the food they’re given and, when the last traces of ice have completely disappeared, they’ll be released into the wild, as has been planned ever since their rescue.

Hopefully, they’ll be successful after their rough start and live and grow and breed in nature, where they should have always been!

Until then, they’re safe and happy and very very thankful

Christmas card

Happy Holidays!

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