Stray Animals

A cry for help from a Big Heart

What would you do with 137 Euros per month?

137 Euros is roughly equivalent to £105 or $150.

Not go out for dinner, that’s for sure. Or drinks. You would start thinking about what foods cost less (potatoes, onions, carrots..) and what you can do without (sugar) or have to absolutely have (bread).

You’d stop recharging your phone and stop using public transportation, walking more and more and travelling less and less. You’d sell your tv. And your shoes.

You’d probably spend everything you had on utilities, wouldn’t you? Electricity and water and gas.

You probably wouldn’t survive with 137 Euros a month.

Tatiana Volkova doesn’t either. She receives 137 Euros a month as a pension from the Russian government and would barely make it to the end of the month if she didn’t have such a big heart. If she were a mean, cold person, she wouldn’t look twice at the box of kittens that was sitting in front of her door three days ago, filled with four miaowing balls of fur and bones. She would have stepped over that old dog, lying at the corner of the street, cold and hungry. If she had the heart the size of a pea, she would have drowned those three abandoned puppies herself, and not even remembered it the next day. And she would probably just reach the end of the month with what she gets from her government.

But she doesn’t. Tatiana has a heart so big, news of it spread to the neighbours and nearby farms and even the villages quite a way away. Animals are left at her door nearly every day because they know that, with her, they will be better off than at a shelter or killed.

Tatiana’s heart, however, is bigger than her purse. With 137 Euros a month, she cannot take care of all the animals she has, and herself. Desperate for help, she reached out to Victoria, one of our long-standing volunteers in Astrakhan, who rushed to evaluate the situation. When she arrived, she realised that Tatiana had been right to call her: the situation is dire.

In her house, Tatiana is hosting 49 cats and 12 dogs, at least 3 of which are puppies she received not even a week ago. Her house is overrun by animals that would have died without her. A responsible owner, Tatiana feeds them and cares for them, regularly having them spayed and neutered at a local veterinary clinic. Even more, she is constantly looking for forever homes for them, approaching people in the street and going to fairs to look for suitable new owners.

image (32)

image (33)

We have already helped Tatiana in the past, rehoming more than 70 cats and pitching in to spay and neuter. Her big heart however is her weakness and people continue leaving dogs and cats at her door, disregarding any problem they might cause her.

Now is the time to help.

With £5, you can help Tatiana feed a dog for a week.
£10 will give food to a cat for a month.
£20 is what she needs for a single spaying or neutering operation.
£50 will go a long way, providing veterinary care to many of her animals.

Tatiana really needs our help. Will you be the one to make her day?

image (34)

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