Liberia in Need

We have recently responded to a call for help…all the way from Liberia.

Liberia is a very poor country in western Africa, with many problems that don’t involve animals, or their welfare.


The problems with animals, however, are there.

People have pets and don’t know how to care for them, keeping them tied up for their whole lives; beating them into submission; letting them live in a state of semi-freedom, thus creating a thriving stray population; eating them during celebrations.

Yep, you heard us, eating them. Dogs are often kept as a protein source – while they wait for the animals to grow and fatten, they are kept in tremendous conditions that are way below what is considered humane.

How do you help animals in a populations that knows so little about animals and their welfare?

You teach them. You show them how. You demonstrate that dogs and cats can be affectionate and, when they are in ideal conditions, can thrive and be the perfect pet. You help them discover the joys of being greeted by a wagging puppy when you come home, or falling asleep with the sound of purring in your ear. You show them what to do if their pet becomes sick, and help them with spaying and neutering.

And that is what Morris Darbo, the founder of the Liberian Animal Welfare and Conservation Society (LAWCS), is doing and why he called us. Without money and support from the government, he is powerless in a country whose animals need so much help.

liberian animal welfare and conservation society
photo by LAWCS
liberian animal welfare and conservation society
photo by LAWCS

Here you can find more information about the project and an here there is an easy way to lend a hand. Morris Darbo is working alone in a country far far away, but this shouldn’t be a reason to make him feel alone. Let’s show him that even though we are living in a place that has much fewer problems than his, we care about him, and we’d like to help. Let’s show him how generous we are and give him a chance to start hoping that we, together, can truly make a difference.

Liberian animal welfare and conservation society
photo by LAWCS

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