As cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon gaining more and more importance every day, it is no surprise that many forward-thinking charities see it as an opportunity to increase their donor base and a major donation stream in the near future. Still a relatively new concept, not all charities have caught up with the trend of accepting Bitcoin as well as other forms of cryptocurrency. But its main benefits – the ease of transaction and transparency of where the funds are used are striking and highly valued by the donors.

Forgotten Animals, a one of a kind animal welfare charity, is fighting for animal rights in parts of the world where it’s most needed. They recognise the change in the way donations are made and is now accepting bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash. Forgotten Animals, founded in 2011 by a Russian-born trader Anna Kogan Nasser, has become the first international organisation to work in towns and regions of the former USSR where as opposed to the main cities – Moscow and Saint Petersburg, animal welfare community was virtually inexistent. Today, Forgotten Animals is a registered charity in both UK and Russia with only 2 paid employees and over 60 volunteers spread across the former Soviet countries, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Australia. They have carried out or directly supported projects in 60 cities across 5 countries, and counting. With its mission to save as many animals as possible from despair in countries where animal welfare education, rights and resources are most deficient, Forgotten Animals has a lot on its plate. By donating cryptocurrency to Forgotten Animals you help animals in Russia by funding projects such as

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations can be made directly here: . To find out more about Forgotten Animals visit and to stay up-to-date with all current projects and challenges, follow them on Facebook: and Instagram:

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