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Maldives: Paradise or a living hell

Maldives… the only sound of this word creates the image of blissfully calm blue waters, vast sandy beaches, endless sunsets watched while lazily sipping on an exotic cocktail in mind… Described as a “tropical paradise”, it is one of the world’s most desired destinations for the rich and famous seeking unrivalled luxury and a true… Continue reading Maldives: Paradise or a living hell


Uncovering the Russian Abuser of Infants

At the end of the 1800s, a woman in Barcelona took to kidnapping small children, sometimes as newborns, raising them as her own and forcing them into prostitution as soon as they were able. When they became too old, or if they fell sick, she would kill them and sell ointments and remedies made with… Continue reading Uncovering the Russian Abuser of Infants

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A cry for help from a Big Heart

What would you do with 137 Euros per month? 137 Euros is roughly equivalent to £105 or $150. Not go out for dinner, that’s for sure. Or drinks. You would start thinking about what foods cost less (potatoes, onions, carrots..) and what you can do without (sugar) or have to absolutely have (bread). You’d stop… Continue reading A cry for help from a Big Heart

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Zeus and Delpha’s odyssey

Yet another tragic senseless death in the captive marine mammals industry in Russia. A young female bottle-nose dolphin Delpha just died in Anapa Dolphinarium in the Big Utrish after being seized from previous abusive owners. Before being brought to the Anapa Dolphinarium, dolphins Delfa and Zeus were kept in squalid conditions in an abandoned cattle farm… Continue reading Zeus and Delpha’s odyssey